My name is Danny Kennedy and I’m a certified personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach. I specialise in training individual athletes along with online coaching and macro/nutrition coaching. I am a firm believer of flexible dieting and following a program that is sustainable for YOU.

My background includes playing a large number of sports varying from Aussie rules football to more recently training as a full time athlete at the Australian College of Basketball for 2 years.

After a number of set backs due to injury I decided to try my hand at stepping on stage as a men’s physique athlete and from there one thing has lead to another. I now spend all of my time helping my clients improve their lifestyle through health and fitness and continue to work towards my own goals in the health and fitness industry.

Having a fit, strong and healthy body and being in control of what you put into your body is a symbol of hard work, dedication and extreme discipline. I hope that you will decide to join my team and let me help you begin your journey to a better you today.

“Flexibility is the key to sustainability”.


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