The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss

The Ultimate List of the best Fat Loss Resources Online

Weight loss is one of the most controversial topics in health and fitness and it’s with good reason too. These days there are so many conflicting arguments between health ‘professionals’ about what truly works.

We are bombarded with varying information and numerous fad diets such as: The paleo diet, 5:2 diet, isagenix, juice cleanses etc which is why I have created this Ultimate guide to weight/fat loss to help you sift through the nonsense and get an idea of what it actually takes to get in the best shape of your life.

Not only will this guide guarantee you results but it will provide you with valuable, easy to understand knowledge that you can utilise for the rest of your life.


Chapter 1: Nutrition

Chapter 2: Resistance/Weights training

Chapter 3: Cardio

Chapter 4: Supplements

Chapter 5: Fad Diets

Chapter 6: Breaking through Plateaus

Chapter 7: Avoiding Post Diet Rebounding


Chapter 1:


The number 1 most important factor to losing body fat is to be eating in a calorie deficit, meaning you are burning more energy than you are taking in. The most consistent, accurate and measurable way to ensure you are eating in a deficit is to track your calories and/or macronutrients (along with micronutrients).


Chapter 2:

Resistance/Weights Training

The more lean muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolism will be, the more body fat you will burn at rest. Resistance training is NOT the enemy, especially for females.


Chapter 3:


A common misconception is that cardio is necessary in large amounts in order to lose body fat. This is NOT true, cardio should be used as a tool to further increase your calorie deficit/negative energy balance in order to lose body fat.


Chapter 4:


Supplements are available to quite simply ‘supplement’ your diet. Remember if you haven’t got your nutrition in check then you can forget about getting results from supplements. They are responsible for such a small percentage of your fat loss and there are only a small number of products that are worth your money.


Chapter 5:

Fad Diets

Society today is filled with people looking for shortcuts and quick-fixes. This has lead to programs such as: Isogenix, the Paleo diet and most recently even gluten free diets taking over and leading people to believe that in order to lose fat we must eliminate certain food/macronutrient groups all together to get results, false.


Chapter 6:

Breaking Through Fat Loss Plateus

Getting stuck in a plateau or stalling on your fat loss progress can ultimately lead to someone giving up all together or trying something new before giving the original diet and/or training program a chance to work.

Fat loss will never be a linear progression over time, there will be so many ups and downs along with fluctuations in weight and how you look but as long as over time you are progressively reducing body fat that is all that matters.

Chapter 7:

Avoiding Post Diet Rebounding

The post-diet rebound can be quite demoralizing at best, but there IS a way to transition back into ‘normal’ eating after a lengthy diet without putting back on all the unwanted body fat and actually help build up your metabolism in the process.


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