How to Gain Weight & Build Muscle

How to Gain Weight & Build Muscle: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate muscle building guide. In this guide you will be provided with the best advice on all of the important aspects of building lean muscle mass.

To build lean muscle requires a much more detailed approach than simply eating a tonne of food and lifting heavy weights, that’s why created this special guide for you!

This applies for beginners, intermediates, advanced athletes, males, females, you name it. Take the time to really make the most of these resources and enjoy the gains that will come your way as a result.


Chapter 1: Nutrition/Hydration

Chapter 2: Resistance/Weights training

Chapter 3: Cardio

Chapter 4: Supplements

Chapter 5: Rest/Recovery

Chapter 6: Mobility

Chapter 7: Track Your Progress

Chapter 8: Plateaus/Hard Gainers


Chapter 1:


Just as eating in a calorie deficit is detrimental to losing body fat, eating in a calorie surplus (meaning you are taking in more calories than you are burning) is absolutely detrimental to gaining lean muscle mass. The size of your calorie surplus will determine how much of the weight you gain is muscle, and how much is body fat. It’s also very important to realize that when eating in a calorie surplus it is inevitable that you will gain at least a small amount of body fat, that’s just part of it.


Chapter 2:

Resistance/Weights Training

Over time, your training NEEDS to progress, you need to get stronger, that is how gains are made. And there is no better time to progress your strength and hypertrophy than when you are in a calorie surplus. Your energy levels will be high, your strength will go up and your pumps will be insane. None of this will matter though unless you have a plan of attack and unless you are progressively overloading your training over an extended period of time. Stick mostly to the basics, compound movements that allow you to continue to put weight on the bar.


Chapter 3:


Yep, that’s right; cardio can and should still be utilized even in a gaining phase. Remember your goal is to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible, and cardio is just a tool for fat loss. Meaning that when in a surplus you can still be doing cardio as long as you account for it in your weekly energy expenditure. Keeping cardio as part of your program is a great way to maintain the health of your head along with improve your recovery rate between sets and sessions.


Chapter 4:


The number one most proven and effective supplement to aid in muscle gain is creatine monohydrate. There are also a tonne of supplements out there that are nothing but a waste of money and un-necessary for muscle gain. There is no such thing as a muscle building supplement, there are simply supplements that will aid in the process if used correctly in align with your training and nutrition.


Chapter 5:


It’s important to realize that we grow when we are outside of the gym. We stimulate the muscle enough to cause some kind of damage in the gym and then it grows and repairs during the time you spend out of the gym resting and recovering.


Chapter 6:


Lack of mobility will lead to poor form/technique on certain exercises (squats, deadlifts, overhead presses etc). This means you won’t be moving through the full range of movement. For optimal muscle growth you need to be able to put the proper stress through the targeted muscle groups which isn’t possible with poor mobility and flexibility.


Chapter 7:

Track Your Progress

When your goal is to progress over time with your training and nutrition, then tracking your progress is a must! I’ve linked an article by my friend Mike below along with my favorite apps for tracking my calories and training. They are both free apps so be sure to check them out!



Chapter 8:

Plateaus/Hard Gainers

Everyone experiences plateaus with their strength and muscle gains at some stage, there’s no way around that. But there are ways to break through these plateaus, even if you’re typically someone who struggles to gain size in the first place.


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