“After 12 weeks of online coaching with Danny I achieved the body I dreamed of for about 3 years! I really learnt a lot about myself in

those 3 months. I learnt what I needed to be eating, what training was most beneficial to reach my goal and most importantly I learnt how to be sustainable with my nutrition. With the program I received from Danny I was surprised at how different it was compared to most others I had tried in the past. On my nutrition program I could eat the things I enjoyed for every meal and still lose fat. I consistently dropped weight averaging .5kg per week. In total over 12 weeks I lost 6kg and maintained muscle mass, which is exactly what Danny promised!”
Dylan Tucker

 “Thanks Danny for the valuable knowledge and info you have given me about nutrition. My fitness and activity levels were pretty high, but making some simple and easy adjustments to my nutrition had helped me shed 9 kilos in 8 weeks!”
Herc Koustas

“Thanks to Danny for coaching me through my first prep, with macro planning/training programming and constant 24/7 support with answering all questions throughout my whole prep and while I’m going through one of the toughest stages of my life (peak week). I believe thanks to Danny, I will step on stage looking and feeling my best ever!”
Isaac Smith

“Danny has been my coach for almost 2 months now, although through things such as his YouTube channel and Instagram account Danny has been my guidance and my push for just over 14 months now.

His professionalism and extensive knowledge sets him apart from the rest. Being an expert in his exercise and nutrition programming he has put me in the box seat to see monumental changes to my body and has given me so much knowledge others could never give me.
Being on the opposite side of Australia to Danny- yet it’s feels as though he has been here with me every step of the way, if there is anything you need to know he will be onto you in a flash always making sure the best for his clients! I know Danny’s goal is to help others achieve their dreams and goals as he always says, and I can personally say that Danny does that and so much more he is more then a coach/PT he is a role model and someone I look up too and I honestly could not recommend anyone better to help you with whatever goal you are looking to achieve! I just wanted to take this time to thank him.”
Ben Saunders

“Danny has helped me realize the importance that nutrition plays in performance and recovery. The knowledge and passion he gives to his clients is second to none. He’s always contactable and wants nothing less than for his clients to reach their goals.”
Jordy Schmidt

“I’ve tried heaps of different diets and clean eating programs and always trained hard, but I’ve never had results. With DJKFITNESS I saw results literally a week in! I’m always full and the variety of food is awesome. I honestly couldn’t believe the things I was eating and still seeing results with body composition and energy levels ☺ It’s allowed me to change my whole lifestyle. I feel fitter, leaner and happier with myself than ever before. Danny is always there with great advice and motivation. I could not be happier with my progress.”
Sam Lawless

“After a couple of years of slimming down and predominately doing a lot of cycling, I made the decision to put on some lean muscle and also try to lose as much fat as I could. I had tried many different approaches in the past, from Paleo, to low calorie meals and intermittent fasting. I had started to follow a macro based approach but was looking for a more detailed, structured approach to an eating plan and exercise routine. I was introduced to Danny and he assured me I would get results by following his advice, saying I could still fit in the occasional burger or beer when required. I am getting married and this was my motivation to improve my physique, however, after seeing the results working with Danny, I now want to continue this as a lifestyle choice, and not for a set time.

“Flexible dieting really has been a lifestyle for me and having Danny always there to keep me motivated and on track has been phenomenal. I would highly recommend Danny if you want to improve yourself, regardless of where you are at in terms of fitness and health. Danny provides an easy-to-follow meal plan making it simple to get started on your journey. I literally have watched my body change in the mirror and I have Danny to thank for that. ”
Adam Bond

Just want to thank you for the journey over the last couple of months, your guidance has made me feel really good about myself and notice massive changes in my body and also how good eating well makes you feel. I definitely think this will be the way I go about eating for the rest of my life now so thanks so much! Anonymous


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