Lean Muscle Mass Program


Invest in YOU and spend the next 12 weeks building a new and improved version of yourself

What is the 12 week Lean Muscle Mass Program?

It’s pretty simple.

My plan is to save you a shit load of time and money by fast-tracking your results in the gym, using the training and eating protocols that I have used for years to get myself and my clients life changing and long-term results.

This program will give you access to a tried-and-tested training splits that combine specific training techniques, flexible-dieting based nutrition and utilisation of evidence backed supplements to help you achieve the muscle gain you’re after.

And I know it works. How? I’m the living proof!

Following this approach has helped me go from a skinny 63kg after finishing school, to now walking around lean at 83kg.

The results are guaranteed.

If you haven’t seen the progress you’re after by the end of the 12 week program, I’ll refund your money. So ask yourself: what do you have to lose? Start making gains by training and eating the right way and sign up to the 12 Week Lean Muscle Mass Program now and get started TODAY.

How Much Is It?

A one time investment of $49.99 (ON SALE DOWN FROM $199)

What Do I Get?

1. Training

The choice of up to 4 training phases, varying in rep ranges, intensities, loads and exercises, utilising a 4-day, 5-day and 6-day program to suit all needs and lifestyles.

The use of progressive overload will be key to achieving lean muscle mass over the span of 12 weeks.

2. Nutritional Guidance

An outlined plan and information guide to help you set your custom macros to ensure you are eating enough to fuel recovery and gains.

‚Äč3. Supplement Recommendations

Recommendations on what supplements to include in your routine for the most optimal results.