Mass gainers are often seen as a magical powder that will somehow lead to huge muscle gain, even though everything you’ve been trying so far hasn’t worked. Unfortunately I’m here today to tell you that you’ve most likely been wasting your money.

What is a mass gainer? A mass gainer is just a high calorie protein powder usually high in carbohydrates and fats along with a moderate-high protein content (along with a substantial amount of sugar 9 times out of 10). So what makes it any different to putting some milk, whey protein powder, oats, peanut butter and fruit into a blender? Nothing!

The thing is, a mass gainer shake is no more beneficial than getting your calories from REAL food with a higher nutrient value. The only time I would tell a client to use a mass gainer is if they reach the point where they physically can’t eat enough food to put themselves into a calorie surplus to gain weight.

If this is you, try out this home-made ‘mass gainer’ to save yourself some money:

-500ml of lite or whole milk

-1 scoop of whey protein OR 2-3 eggs

-1 cup of oats

-1 TBSP of peanut butter

-100g of mixed frozen berries

-1-2 servings of honey

*Place all ingredients into a blender with a small amount of ice and you have yourself a high calorie, high carb/protein shake in just seconds.

Remember, unless you’re looking to gain a tonne of body fat in the process, you only need to be in a slight calorie surplus (300-500 cals) to gain quality muscle with minimal fat gain in the process.