Look good feel good right?

Well how about feeling good and performing great.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a massive fan of feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing to either train in the gym or outdoors, play sport or even performing day to day activities. That certain level of comfort puts me in a good head space, it allows me to feel like I’m in the zone and focus on the task at hand. Sounds simple right? Well maybe it could make a difference for you too.

I thought I’d put together a short list of the things that make a difference for me, starting from the ground up.

#1 Socks

For some reason socks are significantly important for me. Good quality material and definitely no holes.

#2 Shoes

The things I look for in a shoe is simple. Perfect fit, a significant amount of support, usually neutral colours and something I know that I’ll be comfortable wearing all day as I’m on my feet a lot.

Shoe selection usually varies for me depending on what kind of training I’m doing. It’s obviously important for you to have an understanding about what kind of shoes are best for your foot, taking into account things like orthotics etc.

#3 Underwear

When it comes to exercising and performing at your best day in day out, you can’t go past comfortable underwear. For me, there’s nothing more frustrating than poor fitting underwear that makes it uncomfortable to complete the training session at hand. A tight fitting base-layer that allows you to move freely but provides support is essential to peak performance. (See infographic below from Tommy John)


Fitness-Expert Tips V1

#4 Clothing

As mentioned above I’m a big believer in ‘look good feel good’, which means if I don’t like the look of the training gear then I genuinely feel uneasy training in it.

My number 1 choice is anything that’s relatively neutral in colour, breathable and nothing too loose. I like anything that’s well fitted and doesn’t end up soaking wet in sweat.

#5 Accessories

Now in no way are accessories necessary for results when it comes to health and fitness, although they can be a big help in achieving your goal a little faster. Not to mention improving comfort levels on certain exercises.

Some of the gym accessories I use:

-Weight lifting belt

-Knee sleeves

-Olympic lifting shoes

-Heart rate monitor watch

-Skins/compression pants

-Headphones (although these aren’t something you wear on your body, there’s nothing better than training to your favourite tracks)

This is what works for me, it may be completely different for you and that’s cool. The main thing is that you do what works for you.

Leave a comment below with anything you find essential to feel comfortable when exercising.