From zero to hero: How adversity helped Jay Fantom find his life purpose

Jay Fantom
“Be persistent to remain consistent”, is one of the powerful mantras embodied by the
inspirational entrepreneur, writer, founder and host of The Story Box podcast, Jay Fantom,
who at aged 24 has developed wisdom well beyond his years. What makes Jay a special
guest on The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast is not just the fact that he has overcome
considerable adversity, but that Jay now views his rejections and struggles as an avenue for
him to find his life purpose. On reflection Jay has in fact developed “newfound respect” and
gratitude for his challenges – because they shaped him into the person he is today.
Get fired up as Jay and I chat about how he worked tirelessly to turn his dream of helping
others realise their own worth and potential into a reality with The Story Box podcast, which
in its short life has already attracted many distinguished guests, including Tony Robbins,
Bethany Hamilton and Matthew McConaughey, just to name a few. Having spoken to so
many incredible individuals with diverse life experiences and many remarkable insights to
share, Jay has inevitably learned some powerful life lessons. Together we unpack ideas
about humility, the ego and authentic human connection in today’s show, leaving listeners
with some important takeaway messages. To cap off this thought-provoking episode, Jay
also delves into his bold ambitions for The Story Box podcast in the future and his plans for
his upcoming book, Path of an Eagle. This is an episode jam-packed with lessons to live by,
leaving listeners with a huge burst of motivation to never give up and to stay true to their