Orphic Education | Are You An Aspiring Personal Trainer?

Alex Karamouzis & Alexander Sandalis
On this episode I’m joined by the CEO (Alex Karamouzis) and Head of Education (Alexander Sandalis) of Orphic Education to discuss what it takes to become a successful and prepared personal trainer and/or coach.
Orphic Education is an RTO that delivers the most hands on, practical Personal Trainer Certification (Certificate III and IV in Fitness).
Orphic can be found at www.orphiceducation.com or on Instagram @orphiceducation
Orphic Education is offering you the chance to complete your Personal Training course at a gym of your choice, for FREE. All you need to do for your chance to win is submit a video (1 minute or less) telling us what you plan on doing with your Certification and the impact it is going to have on your community.
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Intro by Will Sparks.
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