My name is Danny Kennedy and I’m a certified personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach. I specialise in training individual athletes along with online coaching and macro/nutrition coaching. I am a firm believer of flexible dieting and following a program that is sustainable for YOU.

Daily Workouts

In this program you will receive 5 new workouts every single week directly to your phone using the TeamBuildr workout app.

Online Nutrition/Training Consulting

For $99 per month (no lock-in contracts) you can work with me 1on1 online. I will provide you with custom macronutrient targets and a training plan to suit your goals and current lifestyle, weekly check-ins for accountability and guaranteed results.

12 Weeks To Lean Muscle Mass

This program will give you access to a tried-and-tested training splits that combine specific training techniques, flexible-dieting based nutrition and utilisation of evidence backed supplements to help you achieve the muscle gain you’re after.

Join my female strength and fat loss program 2.0!

An 8 week strength and fat loss program specifically for females.

16 Week Female Strength & Fat Loss

Become the real you in this 16 week life changing program. Nutrition, Training, Mindset, Community, Accountability, Habit-Forming all included.


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