How to get ‘toned’ legs

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Everyone throws around the word ‘toned’ when talking about their body goals, but what the actual hell is it? The illusion of toning a muscle occurs when you 1. build lean muscle mass and 2. lose enough body fat to reveal it’s shape.

So you want ‘toned’/or jacked legs? Start focusing on getting stronger and building lean muscle tissue. 

Disclaimer: Girls you won’t get big and bulky, if you do, let me know how.. I’ve been trying for years.


-Romanian deadlifts

-Barbell box squats

-Barbell squats (full depth)

-Goblet squats

-Barbell hip thrusts

-Lunges (walking, static, reverse)

-Step ups

-Deadlifts (conventional, sumo or trap bar)

-Leg press (double and single leg, varied foot positions)

-Sled pushes


Notice how glute kick backs, crazy stuff on the stepper machine and other beautiful instagram exercises aren’t on the list? Well it doesn’t mean that they don’t work, but they don’t make the most effective exercises list. A lot of these exercises are great for glute activation but hard to overload which means they aren’t great for getting strong or building lean muscle mass (which is required to increase your metabolism and burn fat with more ease). 

Start doing these exercises in a lower body workout (not all of them on the same day), at least twice per week and focus on getting stronger over time.

Eat well and you WILL see results.

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