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The key to DK Fitness’ success is Danny’s realisation that not everyone has the time/money to join a gym or use the services of a personal trainer. By offering his services online, people are able to access a world-class trainer for a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost for a single in-person session. He built the DK Fitness brand using a range of solutions to cater to different fitness journeys, underpinned by the online DK Fitness Membership Program. Within the Program you will be guided to find the best suited program to fit your goals and needs.


Jonathan Hallinan
“I started training with Danny after a recommendation from a friend.
The programme Danny designed for me put me in the best shape of my life, at 45 years of age.
Each session was well thought out and always executed safely and I always walked away feeling like I gave 100% under his guidance.
There’s no doubt that Danny’s knowledge is second to none and his passion for the industry shines through.
If you’re looking for a personal trainer, look no further.”
Jonathan Hallinan
Jake Milgrom
“I’ve been training with danny 7 years and I couldn’t recommend him enough. His fitness knowledge is next to none and his sessions are equal parts challenging and rewarding!”
Jake Milgrom
Sarah Davidson

“I’ve absolutely loved training with DK, his programs are so well tailored to your personal fitness level and goals and I’ve never felt stronger. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by gyms and strength work, but he really helps you build solid foundations and understand the way your body works. I’ve become so much stronger and more confident, can’t recommend anyone more highly”.

Sarah Davidson
Sam Murray

“Dan provides an unparalleled holistic approach to health and fitness, through habits and training Dan has transitioned me from a unreliable and inconsistent trainer, to a more committed and consistent trainer and individual”.

Sam Murray
Kate Turner

Danny was the first person I went to get back into fitness following years of injuries and chronic pain. He made it so easy to enjoy strength training and exercising, and was so great at teaching me all the correct techniques to get the most out of the exercises and to prevent injury. I found his programs really easy to stick to because they were so varied and achievable and I’ve had great results from following them. He helped me realise that training could and should be enjoyable, and years later I’m still in love with it all thanks to him! Legend!

Kate Turner
Trent Cotchin

“Danny is a true professional, I had followed his platforms for a while before finally committing to having him help me with my meal plans and gym program. He has taught me so much through that process and his willingness to assist, educate and improve my well being is something I’m very grateful for and can highly recommend”.

Trent Cotchin
Kate Witton

What I love about working with Danny is that he offers so much more than just a workout program, he’s taught me to create healthy and sustainable habits. Most recently I’m completing the 8 week Spring into Summer challenge, while I’ve lost 3kg, the best changes I saw in myself were the mindset habits that were incorporated each week. I’ve gained strength not just physically but mentally.

Kate Witton
Mark Liberman

DK has an incredible scope of knowledge, and a thorough understanding of how to apply it in practical ways. He has the ability to adjust movements and exercises to accommodate injuries and niggles, without compromising a workout. He enables me to build strength, but never at the risk of losing form or technique. Most impressive is the rate at which we achieve noticeable results following extended periods of inconsistency or inactivity.

Mark Liberman
Mike/Amy King

I’ve been training with Danny for over 3 years now, and the one thing that continues to impress me is the quality and variation of his programming. He has a unique skill set with an emphasis on continual innovation and ongoing improvement, and the results I’ve seen based on Danny’s programs and guidance have been fantastic.

Above all else, he’s a great human and incredibly enjoyable to work with!

Mike/Amy King