Mindset Mentoring

4 Week Mindset Mastermind

In this 4 Week Mindset Program you’ll figure out EXACTLY what it is that YOU want. We’ll be getting clear on what your perfect outcome looks like, removing all limitations and blocks, along with mapping out a reverse-engineered plan, looking at what is potentially blocking you from that reality right now and how your current thoughts and belief system could be the only thing stopping you from a life full of abundance and possibility. Step into your new potential. We look at what’s blocking you, what limiting beliefs are sub-consciously running your life for you? In this lesson I’ll be helping you understand what past conditioning and sub-conscious beliefs need to be addressed, how to find the underlying reason why you have them in the first place, and most importantly how we’re going to break through these. This is where the magic happens.Β It’s also time to lock in your NON-NEGOTIABLES. What habits must you embody in order to truly become the best version of yourself every single day? I’m going to show you how to start living at a high vibrational frequency and ultimately manifest the life you truly want, TODAY.


3 x pre-recorded coaching video lessons

1 x 1:1 zoom coaching call with DK

Access to any of DK’s fitness programs (app)

FREE goals & gratitude journal

Daily accountability chart

30 days of journal prompts

Private one on one mentorship

Work one on one with DK as your private mentor. Build a bullet-proof mindset and understand how to attract the life you desire and deserve, taking you from where you are now, to where you truly want to be by collapsing the timeline, working on self-limiting beliefs, understanding the daily practises that allow to to operate at your highest level while minimising stress and anxiety from your daily life.Β 

30 Days Of Journal Prompts

‘Win the morning, win the day.’

Start your day with intention and clarity with 30 journal prompts that will expand your mindset and allow you to get CLEAR on what it is that you want.