How To Train Your Triceps (THE SECRET TO BIGGER ARMS)

Have you always wanted bigger arms? If the answer’s yes then it’s important to understand that your triceps take up 2/3 of your arm, therefore to grow bigger arms you need bigger triceps (although most people focus too much on their biceps).

The triceps muscle is made up of 3 heads.

The Long Head: The long head is the largest of the 3 and runs down the back of your arm.

The Medial Head: The medial head is positioned in the middle of the arm.

The Lateral Head: The lateral head (AKA the outer head) is located on the outside of the arm. If you’ve even heard the term ‘horse shoe’ triceps, then this is usually the lateral head which gives that illusion of a horse shoe.

Exercises to target each head

Long Head

-Skull crushers or lying extensions (barbell, dumbbell or cable)

-Overhead extensions

-Dips (hands close to the body)

-Close grip bench press (hands just inside shoulder width)

-Straight bar cable push downs

Medial Head

-Dips  (hands close to the body)

-Skull crushers (barbell or dumbbell)

-Close grip bench press (hands just inside shoulder width)

-Underhand cable pull downs

-Straight bar or v-bar push downs

Lateral Head

-Straight or bent bar push downs

-Cable or dumbbell kick-backs

-Rope extensions



*Important note: Although you can target each of the 3 tricep heads, all 3 will always be incorporated into whatever movement you are doing. You can not completely isolate one at a time and switch the others off, similar to the abs.   

Mind-Muscle Connection

In my experience I’ve seen a significant difference in strength and size when I put a large emphasis on mind-muscle connection. Meaning each and every rep is controlled on the eccentric phase and I’m constantly thinking about using the triceps to move the weight.

A lot of people get caught in the trap of moving the weight from point A to point B without any real intent or focus.

Other Benefits Of Having Strong Triceps

Another significant benefit or having strong triceps is having a stronger bench press. Although the pectoral muscles are the primary muscle group used in any horizontal pushing movements (bench press, push ups etc.), the triceps are the secondary muscle.

The stronger you can get with exercises such as the close grip bench press and dips, the stronger you’ll be on the bench press and other upper body horizontal pushing movements.

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Secondly, your upper body vertical pushing movements such as the barbell overhead press will improve as you get stronger in movements such as the close grip bench press, skull crushers and straight-bar cable push downs. The deltoids are the primary muscle group responsible for performing the overhead press, although your triceps are the secondary muscle group.

How Often Should You Train Your Triceps?

For optimal results in the way of muscle growth and strength I’ve found that stimulating every muscle group at least twice per week to be the most beneficial.


For bigger arms, a stronger bench press/overhead press and an all-round balanced physique, I’ve found that by targeting all 3 heads of the triceps at least 2 x per week you will achieve the most optimal results.