Celebrity Barber, Lead Educator & Entrepreneur

Jordan Tabakman

Jordan Tabakaman is recognised as one of Australia’s Top barbers and Lead Educators, along with being widely known as the top celebrity barber in the country. Most importantly, Jordan is a great human who prioritises relationships and growth over everything.

Some of the things covered in this episode:

  • Growing up in the family business
  • The importance of expressing gratitude for your life
  • Feeling lost with what direction he wanted to go in life
  • Enrolling in a barber’s academy and then pulling out last minute
  • Starting work in the family business and ultimately being asked to leave
  • The decision to go ALL IN and master his craft
  • The importance of putting in the extra work and networking (soaking up information like a sponge and learning from the best)
  • Understanding the power of social proof and the impact of celebrity influence
  • Meeting Nick Kyrgios and building an instant connection
  • Prioritising relationship building over everything
  • Opportunities arriving to begin educating others and eventually travelling the world
  • Taking the chance to network with people who would eventually open doors to huge success and opportunity
  • Meeting Virat Kohli
  • Opening his own shop, expanding ‘The Barber Club’ – the family business
  • Nailing the ‘Mullet Skin-Fade’
  • Expanding the business and exploring opportunities in India
  • Signing with Gamma
  • What’s in store for the future
  • + more



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