How My Muscle Chef went from a small family side-hustle to a $200 million business with Co-Founder and CEO Tushar Menon

Tushar Menon

In this episode I sit down with My Muscle Chef Co-Founder and CEO Tushar Menon.

MYMC started as a small family run business in 2013 (side-hustle at the time) and is now a $200 million company and the industry leader in fresh ready to eat meals delivered to your door Australia wide.

In this episode Tushar shares some insight into the growth of My Muscle Chef, the ‘why’ behind the business, the attention to detail MYMC place on customer service and experience, the ins and outs of the daily operations in the company, the vision for where My Muscle Chef is going, Tushar’s personal daily routine that allows him to operate at the highest level with energy and clarity + much more.


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