Supporting Motherless Daughters This Mother’s Day

Lucinda Thomas
This episode has the potential to help someone who needs to hear it most.
I’m joined by my good friend Lucinda Thomas, as she’s kind enough to share her story about her beautiful mother who unfortunately passed away from cancer.
During her hardest times, Lucinda was fortunate enough to come across an incredible foundation called Motherless Daughters Australia.
“Our aim is to help women, girls, and families navigate the emotional distress and lifelong impact caused by the loss of their mothers. We believe that with the right support, guidance and resources, motherless daughters feel less alone and more supported in their life journey”.
Every year, millions of Australian women spend Mother’s Day without their mum, which is exactly why I wanted to share this episode with you all, to raise awareness and hopefully funds for those who can afford to do so, for such an incredible cause that will go to help those who need it most.
My thoughts and prayers go to every single person who has lost someone the love.
Thanks for listening.
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Intro by Will Sparks.
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