3 Exercises You Should Be Doing

Ask most people what exercises they perform in the gym and they’ll have their set menu they like to follow for each muscle group or movement.

The only problem with that is there’s a lot of exercises that get neglected.

Here are 3 exercises I believe are under utilised in the gym but could change your training and physique for the better.

#1 Pallof Press (using a theraband)

In my opinion the Pallof press is the #1 most underrated core exercise.

Improve your running, jumping, core stability and reduce lower back pain all with this one exercise

What to focus on:

-Squeeze your glutes

-Press out as fast as possible

-Limit movement of the hips and chest

-Hold for 1-2 seconds at the top of each rep

-Brace core

*Start with a light resistance


#2 Decline Bench Press

Ever had shoulder issues? Is the answer was yes, then the decline bench press will be a perfect substitute for you instead of the traditional flat bench.

Why? It’s a far better angle for the shoulder to work with and eliminates most anterior delt recruitment throughout the exercise. I find it also produces significantly better activation and stimulation of the chest.

What to focus on:

-Lock in shoulder blades

-Think about trying to bend the bar

-Lift up through the bottom of the rip cage

-Deep inhale before each rep and then hold until the completion of each rep


#3 Barbell Hip Thrust

It may look funny, but if you’re sick of hamstring tightness, lower back pain and lazy glutes then the hip thrust is a no brainer.

Start out by performing this exercise with just your own body weight, then progress to a glute band around your knees and then finally add in the barbell.

What to focus on: 

-Keep feet close to your bum to help target more glutes than hamstrings

-Tuck pelvis under (belly button towards the spine) before each rep

-Press up as fast as possible

-Hold for 1-2 seconds at the top of each rep

-Relax your head

*Use padding on the barbell to make it a little less uncomfortable



Although it’s important to stick to a core group of exercises that you can progressively overload on and make progress with over time, you should be rotating your accessory movements from time to time and including exercises that work well for your body type, physical goal and training level.