30 Essential Tips For Building Muscle

Gaining lean muscle shouldn’t be a guessing game,

just as losing fat isn’t rocket science.


Here’s my list of tips to help you gain muscle.

#1 Eat in a slight calorie surplus (take in more energy than you are expending)

#2 Progressively overload your strength training (more reps, sets, weight, increase speed of lift etc)

#3 Perform minimal cardio, just enough to maintain aerobic fitness and health

#4 Prioritise hydration

#5 Sleep 6-8 hours per night

#6 Prioritise mobility and myo-fascial release work

#7 Supplement with creatine monohydrate

#8 Lift mainly in the 6-12 rep range

#9 Think compound movements before isolation

#10 Train each muscle group multiple times per week

#11 Form over weight every time

#12 Vary your lifting tempo

#13 Find a training program that is sustainable and suitable for your lifestyle

#14 Eat 15g of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed

#15 Track your training progress

#16 Eat at least 2g of protein for every 1kg of body weight

#17 Stop following the workouts you see in Flex magazine or your favourite bodybuilders social media page

#18 Train at a time of the day that will allow you to perform at an optimal level

#19 Use training deloads

#20 Keep your body fat % under 15% for males and 20% for females

#21 Forget about the scales. Not all weight is good weight. Focus on getting stronger in the gym and increase calories when strength levels stall for more than 2-3 weeks

#22 Don’t avoid fats, eat at least 1g of fat per kg of body weight

#23 Ensure you are taking in a sufficient amount of micronutrients

#24 Rotate your food sources to keep your meals interesting and don’t be afraid to eat out

#25 Squat and deadlift (as long as you aren’t suffering any lower back injuries)

#26 Get as strong as possible

#27 Consistency is the key

#28 Take a break from training all together every now and then to let the body and mind recover

#29 Find a training partner to keep you accountable

#30 Include body weight movements such as push ups, pull ups and dips in your workouts


Leave a comment below with any other tips you have for gaining muscle.