Guest blog: Can you survive the deck of pain?

Today’s blog has been written by Josh Driscoll from IronOak Australia. Josh is a natural bodybuilder who I’ve known for a long time now. He preaches flexible dieting and has a no bull s@*t approach to training and adherence to the task at hand in order to achieve your goals. Very happy to hand it over to Josh now.. Oh, and good luck with this one!


Cardio for me is something I need to change up very regularly as I lose interest in it and find that I lose my head space quite quickly and simply talk myself out of doing it at all. These days whenever I feel like skipping cardio, I just get out a deck of cards. And no, unfortunately it’s not to play black jack.


There are a couple of ways you can play the card game, by suit or by number.

If you play by suit you have spades/hearts/clubs/diamonds, this is the best option if you don’t have much room and/or equipment.

For example:

Spades = Push ups

Hearts = Burpess

Clubs = Squat jumps

Diamonds = Jumping lunges/regular lunges

*The reps depend on what number is on the card you flip.


The other way is to pick an exercise for every number and choose your own rep ranges.

For example:

A-Sled x2

2- Burpee’s 12

3-Push ups 15

4-Sled x2


6-Mountain climber(30secs)

7- Rest (30sec)

8-Skipping 60sec

9- 100m sprint

10 – High knees(30sec)

J – Battle ropes slams 20 sec

Q – Pull ups (10)

K – Barbell bent over row (20 reps)

Joker – Spin bike 30sec

Now, once you’ve made the decision on which option you want to go with, it’s time to play! Start flipping the cards and be prepared to work your ass off until every card is turned, only resting when you absolutely need to or pick up a ‘rest’ card.

This game is best played with a friend or training partner (who may not be a friend once this is over).

Now flip that deck and get it done!!


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