Interview with Director of athletic performance at WSSC Christian Woodford

Today’s interview is with Director of athletic development at Woodford Sports Science Consulting, Christian Woodford himself. Read this interview carefully and take note of the things Christian has to say, and believe me when I say he is changing the Strength and conditioning industry in Australia.


How did you get into the fitness/S&C industry?

I played football & cricket growing up so fitness was always my passion. It wasn’t until I started my undergraduate in exercise science that my passion for S & C and athletic development started. My first position (my first paid job) was when I was 19 I started as a fitness instructor for a small gym called Adam & Eve.

What are the main things that helped you get to where you are today?

I believe my work ethic, drive & passion for what I do has put me in this position. I really do love my job (Danny you would know) and I love helping athletes reach their goals.

What’s your thoughts on females lifting weights?

Very important for any goal! Fat loss, muscle gain, strength, power & speed (also preventing injuries) are all maximised when someone lifts weights. Women in general need to move away from the stigma/myth that weights will make you “bulky” and “less mobile” and start thinking strength training should be the core method for performance, rehab & body composition change. Not too mention girls you look better when you lift!


How important is proper nutrition for an athlete?

Critical …even tho nutrition is not my area I understand the importance of carbs, fat & protein for recovery & growth! We need to move away from carbs are “bad” and towards understanding the role of each macro nutrient and why you need them for recovery & growth. To me knowledge & science is vital (not Insta famous individuals) for this industry to move forward and grow.

What is your vision for strength and conditioning in Australia?

You might think this is stupid but my vision is to completely change the way Australian athletes & individuals of any goal view proper training. I want the role of the performance coach understood by every sporting club in Australia and it to be mainstream over the next 10 years. This will lead to more jobs for educated and passionate coaches but most importantly better prepared physically athletes who are resilient to injury …win – win for everyone. We can only do this through education & using social media as a tool to push our message …I want to look back at my life at 60 and be happy I did my part to change the landscape in Australia forever.


If you had 3 bits of advice for an athlete just starting strength training what would they be?

1. Hire an appropriately educated performance coach who has results to back up him claims.

2. Stick to the basics in the gym …squat,deadlift, bench press, row, oh press & chin ..focus on technique & quality …do not focus on numbers.

3. Understand the importance of nutrition & sleep for recovery & growth.

Any final words you’d like to add…

Passion is what drives me! I love performance science and developing bigger, stronger & faster athletes through science & the art of coaching. Hopefully in the next few years we can see a massive shift in how we develop athletes rather than just play their sport! Athletes are missing out on unlocking their athletic potential.

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