ALL SHIFT-WORKERS should listen to this! Dr. Dean Miller explains how to enhance recovery and performance through optimising SLEEP

Dr. Dean Miller

Dr Dean Miller is a sleep and recovery scientist with a PhD examining the sleep of athletes. Dean is an academic at CQUniversity and works with high performance teams within the Australian Institute of Sport and the Royal Australian Air Force. His areas of expertise include sleep, jet lag, physiological recovery, and utilising wearable technology to examine physiological markers of health.

Some of the things covered:

  • How to beat jet lag
  • The most impactful markers for recovery
  • How shift-workers can change their ‘body clock minimum’ (circadian rhythm)
  • Is melatonin okay to use for sleep aid?
  • What’s impacting your sleep quality
  • Controllable factors to improve sleep
  • + much more

Read some of Dean’s research HERE or HERE


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