Building Better Men

Lachlan Stuart

Former Pro Athlete turned High Performance Mens Coach Lachlan Stuart joins the podcast this week.

Growing up, Lachlan had always been passionate about health and fitness. He played rugby in France and later returned to his hometown only to hit rock bottom and lose his sense of identity. But he refused to let this setback define him and rebuilt his life, discovering a passion for helping other men improve their lives. Today, he runs a successful multiple 6-figure business, hosts a big podcast, and is committed to living a life he loves. With over 10 years of coaching experience in health and high performance, Lachlan has helped more than 500 men transform their lives.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs
  • Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
  • Lachie’s biggest challenge in life so far
  • The importance of living authentically
  • The one ‘truth’ that Lachie’s changed his mind on
  • What was missing from Lachie’s life when he was at the peak of his professional Rugby career
  • Lachie’s daily non-negotiables
  • What Lachie hopes to leave behind as his legacy
  • Training for the World Championship Obstacle Course Race
  • The key things that moved the needle when it comes to personal development
  • + more




THANK YOU for listening, I really do appreciate everyone who tunes in each week.


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