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Sonny Webster

On this episode I’m joined by Olympian and entrepreneur Sonny Webster. Sonny competed in Olympic Weightlifting at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio for Great Britain. Since stepping away from the life of a professional athlete, Sonny has continued to use his drive and obsession with success as a way to help thousands of people across the globe as a coach, along with seeing incredible success as an entrepreneur (founder of The Mobility Manual).

Some of the things we covered:

  • The mentality of a professional athlete and successful entrepreneur
  • The sacrifices made to compete at the highest level
  • The crossover in mindset and habits with business and professional sport
  • Sonny’s growth as a coach and his advice to beginners starting Olympic lifting
  • The beauty of ‘the process’ and working towards any goal
  • Sonny’s personal pre-comp routine and warm-up
  • Sonny’s thoughts on the evolution of Cross-Fit
  • + more



Sonny’s YouTube

THANK YOU for listening, I really do appreciate everyone who tunes in each week.


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