Former NFL start turned Breath-Work Fascilitator

Joe Faurnia

On this episode we’re joined by Joe Fauria (the biggest Joe you know), former NFL athlete turned Breathwork fascilitator.

In just his early 30’s, Joe has accumulated a whirlwind of life experiences already, having reached the highest of the highs, and sinking to the lowest of lows. From the moment he walked into the studio, I felt a connection straight away, I’m not sure if it’s the connection due to us both being former athletes, or just the high frequency he emits. This was one of my favourite conversations on the show to date, and we got DEEP.

Born and raised in California, Joseph Fauria (aka Big Joe) began his yoga practice in 2009 while playing football at UCLA before playing in the NFL.

After 4 years in the NFL, a severe ankle injury altered his life’s course and ended a lifelong commitment to the sport. Anxiety & depression became frequent combatants to a once joyous and purposeful existence, and Big Joe knew he needed to bring meaning back into his life.

In 2018, Big Joe embarked upon his spiritual journey, which eventually led to adding meditation and breathwork into his daily practice.

From playing in the NFL as a Tight End with the Detroit Lions, to guiding breathwork around the world and leading international wellness retreats, Big Joe has tangible life experiences that provides insight + techniques to heal, and bring balance to your life.


In this episide we discuss:


  • Joe’s path to the NFL
  • Letting the ego get in the way at an early age
  • Understanding how your projections onto others may not be 100% true
  • The importance of reading other people’s energy
  • The reason why he was kicked out of the prestigious Notre Dame College in his first year
  • Attending UCLA
  • Making the NFL and the pressures of being a professional athlete
  • Having his dreams crushed and the dark place that left him in
  • Finding breathwork and deepening his relationship with spirituality
  • How vulnerability has opened doors he never knew were there before
  • Losing both of his parents within the space of 1 month
  • The tools that have allowed him to experience life to the fullest and bring others up along the way
  • What life looks like today
  • + much more




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