How Blake Found Hope When He Had Nothing

Blake Worrall-Thompson
On this episode I’m joined by Blake Worrall-Thompson.
We dive deep into dealing with adversity, the importance of ‘doing the work’, the effect that the ego and poor mental health can have on relationships, how Blake lost everything and what he’s done to ultimately get back to becoming his best self + much more.
Having spent the last 17 years finessing his unique and innovative coaching style, Blake provides his clients with the skills to propel and prosper in their lives.
The awakening transformations and fast growth of Blakes clients has seen him work with thousands of people from a vast array of backgrounds.
Forever challenging the status quo and society’s norms, Blake’s non judgemental and open minded approach allows him to delve into areas many are afraid of which brings with it wisdom, methods and learnings to go with his radically honest approach.
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Intro by Will Sparks.
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