How mixture of HUSTLE, a growth MINDSET and a ‘human approach’ are helping Bianca change the game for females in Sport Management – Bianca Giannone, Founder of Gia Sports Services

Bianca Giannone

Bianca Giannone is the founder of GIA Sports Services, a Boutique sports management and consultancy agency. After founding GIA 18 months ago, Bianca has quickly built an impressive list of clientele and is bringing a unique and powerful approach to the sports industry.

Some of the things discussed:

  • Bianca’s story so far
  • How taking a step back allowed for new opportunities and clarity on what she truly wanted
  • Working as a nanny and EA in the NBA
  • The importance of hustle, networking and a growth mindset
  • What services GIA offers their athletes
  • The skillsets that have lead to the most growth in a saturated industry
  • Bianca’s non-negotiables that allow her to operate at her best daily
  • Becoming the leading female in a male dominant industry
  • Using a ‘human approach’ to negotiating
  • The importance of non-attachment
  • Removing the ‘overnight success’ mentality
  • The long-term vision for GIA Sports Services
  • Advice for someone wanting to get into the industry
  • + more



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