“What would happen if you took what works inside the gym, and applied it outside of the gym?”

Carl Berryman

What do you do when you hit rock bottom? You go to the gym both literally and figuratively. At least this is what Personal Trainer and Podcaster Carl Berryman did.

After separating from his partner of 7 years, falling into a deep depression, and questioning his purpose in life, Carl (aka Coach Carl) discovered what has become his life’s purpose – taking what works inside the gym and applying it outside the gym, and sharing his experience with others.

What would happen if you applied Progressive Overload to your relationship in order to make it stronger? What would happen if you developed a health and fitness program for developing your mindset muscles? And what would happen if you worked on your emotional flexibility, endurance, and agility?

These questions lead Carl to starting Inspired By Impact – a podcast for men – as well as creating the Ignite the Impact Training Manual, which is a tool any podcast junkie can use to move from inspiration to integration and ignite the impact you wish to see in your world.


Inspired By Impact Podcast


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