Leading From The Front

Michelle Battersby
On this episode I’m joined by my good friend Michelle Battersby. Michelle launched the dating app ‘Bumble’ across 5 different countries in APAC, she then stepped into the CMO (chief marketing officer) role at fitness empire Keep It Cleaner (KIC), and is currently the Co-Founder of Sunroom, launching in 2022.
We discuss:
  • How life has changed for Michelle over the past 12-18 months
  • The move to LA
  • What came before Bumble
  • Launching Bumble across 5 different countries
  • Lessons from Michelle’s past experience as a rower
  • The decision to leave Bumble and take on a role at KIC
  • How SunRoom came about
  • The pros and cons of a start-up
  • What Michelle does to reach ‘flow state’
  • How Michelle deals with adversity and setbacks
  • + more
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Intro by Will Sparks.
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