Living Life At A High Vibrational Frequency

Mitch Third

Mitch Third is the Co-Founder of Australia’s #1 Fitness Bottle 3RDPHIX, along with a number of other business ventures. After pursuing a professional Rugby career in his early years and turning down a full-time contract, Mitch decided to listen to his gut, and start following his intuition, which ultimately lead to significant success in his business 3RDPHIX, but also lead him down a path of spirituality and becoming the very best version of himself on a daily basis and inspiring others in the process. In this chat we dive into Mitch’s life journey so far, the importance of surrounding yourself with great people in a successful environment, how gratitude and living at a high vibrational frequency has changed Mitch’s life, his business ventures including 3RDPHIX and Authentic Collection, the importance of having a morning routine and meditating + the true meaning of MANIFESTATION.

Strap yourself in, this one’s a killer.


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Intro by Will Sparks.

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