The 2 SUPPLEMENTS You NEED To Be Using, What’s really causing ALZHEIMER’S Disease + Are You Getting The Right SLEEP?

Louisa Nicola

Louisa Nicola is a NeuroPhysiologist and Human Performance Coach, working with some of the world’s top performers in professional sport and business. Louisa is the founder and head performance advisor of Neuro Athletics – a consulting firm that boasts the best athletes in the world. By using science driven data from EEG scans, labs tests and cognitive assessments, Louisa has a first class ticket inside the brain of elite NBA and MLB stars. Louisa graduated from the University of Sydney medical school with a master of medicine in neurophysiology and is currently completing her doctorate under the guidance of Dr Tommy Wood at UW, studying the effects of resistance exercise on the brain.

Louisa serves on the board of Momentous, Tonal, and Klora

Some of the topics covered:

  • How lifestyle choices are increasing (or decreasing) the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease
  • Why zone 2 cardio and resistance training are a necessity for longevity
  • Why you should improve your Vo2 Max
  • The 2 supplements everyone should be using daily
  • The importance of REM and Deep sleep and the role they both play + the recommended dosages
  • How to properly hydrate and re-hydrate
  • The Neuro Athletics Certification Course
  • + more



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