Stop Doing This Exercise Now For Better Abs

Do you want 6-pack abs? Then don’t copy this guy


Now this guy has some great abs, but I guarantee he didn’t get them by doing sit ups like this.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time time in the gym, and I see this time and time again when people anchor their feet under something to do sit ups.

The problem with this is that the resistance on top of your feet practically switches your abs off and hands the job over to your hip-flexors. Now if you’re on my mailing list (if not then you should be) you’ll know that society in general have a significant problem with tight hips and under active or weak glutes so extra hip flexor work is the last thing we need, not to mention you’re meant to be training your abs?!

So What’s The Solution?

First of all, remove your feet from whatever they are stuck under.

Next, what you should be doing is digging your heels into the ground/mat that you’re laying on, what this does is activate your hamstrings and allow the abs to activate and take all of the load when we go to perform the sit up. The best way to remind yourself to do this is thinking about trying to pull your shoes off by digging/pulling your heels into the ground.

Finally, to really target your abs and limit any hip flexor involvement, try stopping 3/4 of the way up. What this will do is ensure you are keeping tension on the abs throughout the whole range of movement and not allowing them to switch off and rest at the top of every rep.

Want to make it harder?

Try adding resistance by holding a weight either at your chest or above your head.

Still too easy? Give kneeling cable rope crunches a go.


-Limit momentum

-Exhale on every contraction

-Brace core/abs at all times

-Use full range of motion (*with the exception of certain exercises)

Give this a go and let me know if you feel the difference!

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