The ONLY 3 ways to lose fat

Fat loss in theory is simple.

There are 3 ways to lose body fat.

To lose fat you NEED to be in a negative energy balance.

#1 Eat in a calorie deficit

200-500 calories below your maintenance (use my calculator here to figure that out)

#2 Increase your energy expenditure without reducing your food intake 

More strength training and/or more cardio. The choice is yours. In the end of the day, energy expenditure is energy expenditure, regardless of what you do to achieve that (weights or cardio).

*Although weights will lead to more muscle mass, making it easier to burn energy at rest and when exercising.

#3 Make a small decrease in calories and make a small increase in energy expenditure.

Very small changes, there’s absolutely no need to make drastic changes that aren’t sustainable.

AND the most important factor of all, CONSISTENCY. If you aren’t consistent then you won’t see the changes you’re after.

Although it’s simple in theory, it’s hard to stick to the process. So to make your journey as smooth as possible, let’s keep it as simple as possible.

One okay month is better than 1 perfect week.