What To Do When You Over-Eat (blowing out your calories)

Here’s an email I sent my list last week after over-eating and blowing out my calories the day before.

A little insight into my mentality the day after.

Hopefully this helps you too.


Im writing today’s email from our hotel room after spending a night out last night.

After reading the subject of today’s email you’re probably looking forward to hearing about this one.

As you can see from the picture above, last night got a little crazy.

(Incase you’re wondering, the food was ridiculously good).

So after yesterday’s email you would know that I had been saving some extra calories for last night’s dinner.

I had allowed for a calorie buffer of around 1000-1,500 calories for dinner.

The plan was to have a big steak, some chips and maybe a glass of wine or 2.

So what happened? I over-ate, but I’m cool with it.

This is what I had…

-1/2 a chicken with some outrageous sauce (I have no idea what it was)
-1 bowl of grilled brocollini
-1/2 a bowl of chips
-1/2 a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese

My guess, I probably ate an extra 500-1,000 calories compared to what I had planned for.

So what will I do today? Well usually I would recommend anyone to use the ‘Goldfish’ mentality, which means you forget about it and just move on.

But considering I’m trying to track this reverse diet as accurately as possible, all I’m going to do is reduce today’s calorie intake by 500 calories.

What will that do? Pretty much level out my average calorie intake for the week. How simple is that?!

I don’t feel guilty at all, and neither should you if you’re ever in the same situation.

It happens, move on.

After all, who the hell would pass up mc ‘n’ cheese?!

Oh yeah, guess what else I did this morning, ate an all you can eat buffet hahaha.

Again, I’m not stressed. I simply tracked what I ate and will adjust the rest of my meals today to make sure I finish as close as possible to my macronutrient targets.

Life always comes first, like I’ve said before, don’t be a slave to your diet, make your diet work for YOU.